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Monday 12/09/19

A Big Thank You To The Crews Who Came & Worked With Us This Past Week!

• Roosevelt Public Power District
• Northwest Rural Public Power
• Loup Valleys Public Power District
• Midwest Electric Cooperative
• Chimney Rock Public Power

Roosevelt Public Power District
L-R: Doug, Colt, Jordan, Jake, & Dillon



Northwest Rural Public Power District
L-R: Abe, Denny, Darren, Terry, & Craig


Loup Valleys Rural Public Power District
L-R: Justin, Mike, Tyrel, & Tom


Midwest Electric Cooperative Corp.
L-R : Kyle, Ben, Troy, & Mitch

Chimney Rock Public Power
L-R: Brandon & Hunter


Update 12/07/19 4:06pm

All PREMA residential meters are indicating they have power. If your residence  does not have electric power, please call the office  at 762-1311.


Updated Map Marking The Outages 12//06/19 @ 1pm

A week ago, began the start of an extreme storm in the PREMA service area caused by the accumulation of ice on the lines and high winds. Ice is an electric utilities number one enemy!
There were so many outage reports, it was a challenge to keep up. If there ever was a time for the whole staff, at PREMA, to come together it was then. This became an “all hands-on deck” and the PREMA employees did so without hesitation.
The linemen have been working endless hours in unfavorable conditions; many times having to improvise temporary fixes. Often the damaged poles would be at the top of a tall hill making accessibility, even with 4x4 equipment, impossible.
There have been highs and lows throughout the week, we would take a step forward and two steps back but, nevertheless committed and determined to see it through. We wish we could compile all the words of encouragement and “thank you’s” we have received from members and the public. Many prayers for the lineman’s safety have been spoken. We have had our members volunteer to help in many ways such as: plowing out roads, using their aircraft, volunteering their vacation time to help and even purchasing meals at local restaurants.
We want to thank all our employees for the outstanding effort being put forth! We know it may be a cliché, but it does take a village; teamwork is what makes the dreamwork! Everyone’s hard work makes a difference in peoples’ lives and is appreciated!
Even though the job is not finished we are leaps and bounds from where we started. At the height of the outages we had over 900 meters (all types) not reporting (not energized) this morning it is down to 200 now.


UPDATE 12/05/19 @ 1pm

Here is an updated map marking the outages. As you can tell by looking at this mornings map to now, progress is being made and crews are still hard it. Once again thank you for your patience and assistance during this time.

No photo description available.

12/05/19 @ 6:30am

Good Morning PREMA Members:

The PREMA crews along with crews from Roosevelt PPD, Chimney Rock PPD, Northwest Rural PPD, Loup Valleys PPD, and Midwest Electric Cooperative are all diligently working to restore power.

The goal is to fix problems on the 3-phase, main lines that feed into the single-phase lines. After the 3-phase lines are restored then crews will be concentrating on the rest of the problems.

Today, several crews are working to complete restoration on the main feeder line north of Hyannis; we have numerous poles to replace. After that, we should be able to re-energize this line which, hopefully, will restore power for everyone north of the OLO Ranch. This will NOT include the Township breaker which is the Henderson, Phipps, Marshall, Cox areas and east to the end of the line, which has extensive damage.

Multiple crews are working on the main feeder north of Arthur. We DO NOT expect any power to be restored in the Arthur area today.

As always, we appreciate your patience and assistance.


UPDATE 12/04/19 @2:30pm

Here is an updated map of our outages at this time.The crews are still hard at it and are hoping to make even more progress yet today. Thank you to the following power companies for lending additional man power to us during this time: Roosevelt Public Power, Chimney Rock Public Power, and Northwest Rural Public.

No photo description available.

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UPDATE 12/03/19 @ 3:30pm 

Total Pole Count 194


Total count of poles on the ground at this time is 152, not including what our aerial patrol that is in the Arthur area today will find.

Crews continue to work hard on restoring power to our customers today. We would like to give a shout out to Doug, Colt, Jordan, Jake, and Dillon with Roosevelt Public Power District for lending your services to us during this time!


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No photo description available.

Good Morning: 12/03/19 @ 6am

As it stands this morning, here is a picture of outage areas within the PREMA service area. The various lines that are without power are outlined by the dotted line.

Thank you for your patience in this extreme weather event. Thanks also for all our members who have and are continuing to help us locate problems and provide assistance.

The men and women of PREMA are working diligently to restore power as quickly as possible while doing it safely!

Please message or call with any questions.

No photo description available.

UPDATE 12/02/19 @ 2:15 pm:

We still have 600 metered services, which includes residential and small commercial services, without power. Our crews are continuing to work to restore power. Please call, 308-762-1311, if you have any information on lines or poles that are down. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

UPDATE 11:10am

Damage that we are aware of is around 125 poles on the ground.

12/2/19-7:50 am:

Below is a map of PREMA’s 7500 square-mile service territory showing the current areas that are without power (areas outlined by the doted lines).

Damage that we know of includes about 100 poles on the ground many in areas that we will have difficulty getting into. We also have numerous “wrap ups” and “burn downs” where the wires are wrapped together or completely burned in half.

We used two aircraft yesterday to do aerial reconnaissance of the damage and will do the same today. Finding the damage, along our 3700 miles of line, is one part of the challenge. Getting access to the damage is the second part of the challenge.

Today, with increasing temperatures, we expect the ice to release from the lines. This will cause the power lines to jump and possibly wrap together or burn in half. If an energized line begins jumping and goes off, we may leave it off for a period of time to let the ice clear before reenergizing. This prevents burn downs and allows for re-energizing later without any damage needing to be repaired.

If you see any of the situations mentioned above please call our office. There are some areas that will likely not get electric power restored for several days.

We truly appreciate your patience and cooperation. A big shout out goes to all the members that have assisted us in many ways!

Call the office, check our website or Facebook page as well for updates.


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