Youth Camp Builds Future Leaders

The 2015 NREA Youth Energy Leadership Camp was held from July 13 to 17 at the 4-H Camp in the Nebraska National Forest at Halsey, Neb. There were 61 campers from 25 member systems with 13 counselors and 8 junior counselors. We appreciate your support for the NREA Youth Energy Leadership Camp!  We are especially grateful to the member-systems that provided counselors this year since the camp cannot go on without their help.  They were KBR RPPD, Niobrara Electric Assn., Southwest PPD, Polk County RPPD, Norris PPD, Midwest Electric, High West Energy, Cornhusker PPD, Cuming County PPD, and Wheat Belt PPD.


Regional experts from Custer PPD, NREA, Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District and Nebraska Public Power District provided interesting workshops, demonstrations and presentations addressing many of the issues affecting the rural electric program. Midwest EMC also helped by providing a bucket truck for the group photo. A tour to the Gerald Gentleman Power Station and the Kingsley Hydro-Electric Power Plant provided a first-hand look at the process of generating electricity.


The 2016 Ambassadors selected by their peers at the camp were Justin Henry of North Platte (Dawson PPD); Krista Ott of Wisner (Cuming County PPD); and Antonio Soto of Clearwater (Elkhorn RPPD).